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Learn Scalable Data Architecture

A book that will help you excel as a data architect

Design &


Implement &


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With the Right Approach, Great Architectures Can be Build

In this book, I will take you on a journey in which you learn the basics of data engineering and how to use the basics to analyze and propose solutions for a data engineering problem. I also discuss how a beginner architect can choose the correct technology stack to implement a solution. I also touch upon data security and governance for those solutions.

One of the challenges that architects face is there is always more than one way to do things. We also discuss how to measure different architectural alternatives and how you can correctly choose the best-suited alternative using data-driven techniques.

What The Book Offers

This book helps data engineers, aspiring data architects and architects to hone their skills and excel in designing scalable enterprise-grade data architectures.



In the first Section named Foundation of Data Systems, you will learn basics of data engineering, data formats, storage and data platforms.


Build Data Pipelines

In this section named Building Data processing pipelines, you will learn how to architect various data ingestion problems. You will also learn how to apply security & governance.


Publish Data

In this section titled Enabling Data as a Service, you will learn how to architect and develop Data-as-a-Service solutions and how to secure and manage them.


Evaluate & Present

In the final section of the book titled Choosing Suitable Data Architecture, you will learn how to evaluate, recommend and present the architectural solution you built.

Let's Talk Technology

Share your thoughts and queries related to data engineering, or computer science in general. Alternatively, please feel free to start a discussion on any of the topics discussed in the book "Scalable Data Architecture with Java". Your feedback and suggestions are also welcome.


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